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West Bengal

Darjeeling - West Bengal -India | The Hill Station For Honeymooners In India...

Hill stations have always been the core attraction for tourists of all ages and regions. India is privileged to provide some striking hill stations with Darjeeling really becoming the grace of North Eastern India. With an unmatched beauty and unparalleled heritage this hill resort  widens every tourist’s eye. Queen of Hills Darjeeling has the natural splendor that you were always looking for.  Clean and fresh air, natural beauty, pleasant weather and welcoming local inhabitants are the core reasons, which have tempted travellers to this peaceful benediction. The presence of Mount Kanchenjunga is not less than embracing the true beauty of nature.

Mesmerizing landscapes, snow-clad mountains, gushing sea, blossoming tea gardens, wide deltas, lush green forests, rich wildlife, ancient temples and magnificent British monuments – West Bengal state is embroidered with almost everything that is requisite to make a place beautiful.