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Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad, the Pearl City is the capital town of Andhra Pradesh. This vibrant and magnetic city draws countless visitors from across the world to enjoy its unique culture and the royal Nizam legacy. The moment tourists enter Hyderabad; there is a strong feeling of being welcomed into a place that is entirely diverse from any other part of India. The predominant, old world charm here takes visitors right back to the old world era with the majestic and architecturally enthralling buildings, minarets, and monuments. The enticing aroma of Hyderabad cuisine stays with tourists through their visit tempting them to taste the essential flavor.

Beautiful virgin beaches, laterite hillocks, smooth roads and stunning landscape, "The City of Destiny", Visakhapatnam  is a paradise for tourists of all kinds.

Juicy Mangoes, tongue watering sweets and plenty of beautiful springs Vijayawada, is a home to many temples and cultural monuments.

Located in the Poini River valley of southernmost Andhra Pradesh, on the Bangalore-Chennai highway, Chittoor is 154-km from Chennai.

Hyderabad- The City Of pearls | Andhra Pradesh Capital | Salarjung Museum

Heritagemonuments, spakling lakes, functional parks,blossoming gardens,well designed resorts, fascinating art museums and delectable cuisine this is all about ‘City of Nizams‘ Hyderabad that lure tourists from all over the world .

The capital city of Andhra Pradesh, it is located along the banks of the Musi river in south India. A city with a 400-year-old history and a rich blending of cultures, spread over the Deccan Plateau and is the fifth largest metropolitan city in India .The "City of Pearls" is known for its interesting diamond markets, pearls, glass embedded bangles and beautiful sarees. It is a place, where you can see an astonishing blend of ancestral heritage with the modern IT sector. With so much natural beauty and excellent manmade structures, Hyderabad boasts the most exquisite monuments in the country. Visit Hyderabad once and you will surely fall in love with this City of Nizams.

Andhra Pradesh is a wonderful state with serene beaches, holy pilgrimages and soothing rivers, amidst picturesque setting. Andhra Pradesh is a state that belongs to the southern part of India. It is the fourth largest state in terms of area.